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We were in trouble as a family. The stress was overwhelming. We were walking around on eggshells trying our hardest not to "set him off" and avoid the next meltdowns. But STILL... it happened... way too often. 
We'd tried everything. 

The autism experts, the therapists, the ABA, the specialist. We'd spent all our time and "more than" all our money trying to help him get beyond... the difficult behaviors. But STILL... it happened... way too often.

Then we talked to families with kids on the spectrum, who had reached puberty... and learned... it usually got worse (even occasionally violent) with hormones. Crap. We were already seeing that... even in his toddler years. The thoughts of him attacking us weighed heavy on our minds.

We found ourselves on... an autism roller-coaster. 

I'll never forget the day (when he was 6 years old) I coaxed him into telling his Mom, "I love you." We were "over the moon" with excitement. Three days later he attacked his older brother with a broom handle.

Or when he was 9 years old... and we FINALLY potty trained him. We couldn't breathe we were SO EXCITED. Less than one week later he SMASHED HIS HEAD through a plate glass window in a fit of rage and as I held him still for stitches, I could barely remember the good times.

The difficulties were so dramatic and profound that it seemed we were digging a deeper and deeper pit of despair... and the hard-times... were drowning out the happy times.

Our marriage was in trouble. Our parenting styles clashed and it was causing even more discord in our home. Even our "typical" kids were struggling and "acting out" in an effort to get the attention the needed and deserved.

Is this our "new life?" 

We were exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated about what lay ahead in our future.

So... yeah... we were in TROUBLE as a family.

Then a four-hour meltdown pushed us to our tipping point and we decided we had NO CHOICE but to make a change. We couldn't live like that anymore.

And that tipping point lead us to create and start living by the first and only curriculum that has been PROVEN to help families lower stress in their homes... EVEN AS... they raise their kids on the spectrum.

Our program is called, "Autism: Thrive In Chaos" and we're ready to share it with you. 
Now, you might be saying, "That SOUNDS great, but our family dynamic/diagnosis/difficulties are different. You CAN'T understand our unique situation. We'd need something just for us."
Guess what. We said that, too and had tried everything. Here's the cool part. This program is based on something entirely different that ANYTHING you've ever seen or heard before... IT'S NOT like ANYTHING you've tried.

AND... we've seen it work for all sizes, all types and all kinds of families with all kinds of diagnosis and facing all kinds of difficulties.

Or you may be thinking. "That won't work for us. My husband/wife/kids won't buy in to the program."

That's okay, too. You DON'T NEED anyone else. We've seen single Moms... and Dads... even siblings... do it alone, and THEN invite their spouses, and even invite their typical kids (and even-higher functioning kids on the spectrum) to participate and start to see dramatic changes in their lives for the better.


Simple... (watch the video above) It's a step-by-step recipe that anyone can follow that results in lowering stress and increasing happiness in families. Starting IMMEDIATELY!

Keep in mind, this isn't about more INFORMATION... it's about TRANSFORMATION. 

TRANSFORMING your family in to a happy, loving family, that KNOWS how to LOWER STRESS and that WANTS to be together. 

So, if you're REALLY ready to TRANSFORM your family... this is the FASTEST, EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE way to do it.
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We’ve DONE IT! And we want to help you "TRANSFORM" your family, too. If you are ready, we will
 help you lower stress - IF you're willing to do the work.

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What Do YOU GET As an Insider?
  • PERSONAL COACHING through... 
  • ​Thrive In Chaos (70 minute) Audio
  • ​ Laugh With Me (70 minute) Audio 
  • ​ Twice Weekly (INSIDER) Videos 
  • ​ Weekly Focus Worksheets 
  • ​ ALL for only $149 $99 ONLY $27 per month.
  • ​BUT KEEP IN MIND... it's NOT SO MUCH ABOUT THE TOOLS as it is about YOU LOWERING STRESS. That's what you REALLY get.

Insider Membership

One-Time Offer - $149. $99. $27 per month
How Does It Work?
  • We're glad you asked.
  • ​Immediately, you get two (2) 70 minute audio programs to download on mp3.
  • Thrive In Chaos” Audio which covers the grounding principles you’ll need to know to start thriving today. 
  • And, “Laugh With Me” Audio which are short stories of wackiness, zaniness and craziness we’ve experienced over that past many years. Seriously, it will make you laugh – and maybe some of this has happened to you.
  • ​And immediately, you get a free copy of our 242 page book to download.
  • P.S. If after starting our program you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund and keep the audio programs and our book – we’ll call it a free gift.
  • ​Once you get started, you’ll immediately have access to two (2) “Insider Videos” where we’ll cover the ground rules of how our program works and the “First Lesson” along with a worksheet you can print off and complete.
  • ​Each week following, a new series of lessons will be sent to you (including new worksheets). Each and every week.
  • But don’t worry, the lessons are not some complicated, un-doable task. (We hate that) Each lesson is no more than 15 minutes long (we know you don’t have a lot of time) and is concise and simple to follow and EASY to implement. 
  • It’s SO easy, even my 9 year old twins do them.
  • ​BUT KEEP IN MIND... it's NOT SO MUCH ABOUT HOW IT WORKS as it is about YOU LOWERING STRESS. That's what you REALLY get.
Why Are We Doing ALL This For Only $27?
  • ​We want you to try it. So many families like YOURS are now transforming their lives and we want that for you
  • ​ We want EVERY autism family to thrive – no matter their financial situation
  • ​ It blows our minds – and it feels SO good to see other families having success 
  • ​ Frankly, I’m kinda a show-off – I’m not going to lie. I’m sick of all of us autism families spending all kinds of money and time on efforts that DON’T lower stress. We ONLY focus on helping YOU lower stress in YOUR family. Heck, we’re the only program that can even CLAIM to do that. Well, that and I want you to think I’m cool 
  • ​ ALL for only $149 $99 ONLY $27 per month.
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Kyle Jetsel

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