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Then it crossed my mind. This could help YOU.
As a family, we do a lot of documenting. Autism stories, autism ideas, autism step-by-step instructions, even... AUTISM STRATEGIES

Sometimes we're very organized with how we document our autism activities. Sometimes, it's willy-nilly.

THIS... was the case with the autism strategies we tried. Willy Nilly.

Then... a while back as we were looking to review a strategy for one of our insiders, we found that we were  "hunting" for all the different strategies we had documented though all our different computer files and through our hand-written journals. 

They were everywhere.

So, we decided to organize them. And guess what?

We discovered we had more than one-hundred autism strategies.

Specifically... ONE-HUNDRED and EIGHTEEN (118) Autism Strategies...

LEARNED and LIVED strategies... tested in a home with 6 kids - 2 of them on different parts of the autism spectrum. And these strategies covered everything from managing obsessions to sibling rivalry's to I.E.P.'s.  

Heck, there are more than TWENTY CATEGORIES alone. Categories like...

  • Three Parenting Skills
  • Passions and Obsessions
  • Food and Nutrition
  • ​Self-Stimming Behavior
  • ​Inappropriate Behavior
  • ​Dealing with Unusual Verbiage
  • ​Puberty
  • ​Moodiness
  • ​Unusual Affection
  • ​Santa Claus and Death
  • ​Therapies, Specialists and Experts
  • ​Dealing with the Special Education Team
  • ​Child Support
  • I.E.P.
  • Transitions
  • Toileting and Self-Care
  • ​Becoming an Autism Expert
  • ​Change of Routine
  • ​Sibling Rivalries
  • Managing Extended Family
  • ​​Marriage and Relationships
  • ​Dealing with HARD
  • ​Normality
  • ​Mind-Talk
  • ​Progress
  • ​Self-Care... YOU Matter

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Fill out the form below to get your FREE "118 Autism Strategies" guide sent straight to you...
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